We advise our clients on their transition towards sustainable investing by integrating an impact lens into their strategy

Who we are

We are an independent sustainable finance advisory firm supporting our clients in adapting their strategy and approach towards sustainable investing solutions .

We are affiliated with ARIF, a self-regulation organisation of independent asset management subordinated to the FINMA and with the mediation body OFS  Switzerland.

Who we work with

We work with Asset Owners, Asset Managers, Service Providers, Technology innovations and industry bodies across the investment value chain.

Why we are different

Our background is in the funds industry, leveraging over 15 years at the intersection of alternative investments and sustainable finance.

We specialise in scrutinising the transmission mechanisms within each investment strategy to identify the pivot points enabling our clients to amplify their impact ambitions.

Our philosophy

The investment industry is undergoing a structural shift similar in scale to the film industry’s adaptation to color in the 1940’s. Herbert Kalmus’ three strip process enabled Technicolor™ to equip every major studio to structurally change the way we see the world. 

Whilst ESG is as easy to explain as Red, Blue and Green, navigating the interplay between Environmental, Social and Governance issues requires a more sophisticated investment lens adapted for the full spectrum of nuances. We embed that lens to help you create and tell your impact story. 
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What we do

We help you design, adapt or launch your sustainable investing strategy. 

Our services range from strategy consulting, fund research and policy design, to scaling tech enabled impact innovation. 

We apply our proprietary SITI™ framework to support how our clients understand their clients, cater to them, classify investment strategies and adapt their data requirements.
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Viewing the evolution of sustainable investing through a coloured lens

Whilst the relevance of sustainability to investing is widely accepted by all actors along the investment value chain, its implications on their corporate strategy has yet to be fully appreciated. To illuminate the vast magnitude, profound implications, and requisite agility for leaders in adapting their strategies, we draw parallels from the film industry's transition to […]

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2023 Investment Perspectives

Global markets are adjusting to new realities and investors are adapting the way they think of their portfolios accordingly. As we rethink capital allocation models, we first consider the macroeconomic backdrop in the context of systemic adaptation to longer term imbalances. We then offer more practical insights for portfolio considerations Over the last 50 years […]

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Could Sustainability Regulations be the “Yellow Swan” event for Gold ?

Gold has long been a structural part of investor portfolios, benefitting recently from renewed tailwinds from a myriad of macro and geopolitical drivers. While we adhere to many of them, this report delves into the potential implications of upcoming corporate sustainability due diligence regulations and extrapolates the investment implications that may be overlooked by market […]

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