Asset Allocators

We work with Institutional Investors, Family Offices and Foundations in adapting their strategy and investment programs around a new sustainable investing lens.

With new ESG disclosure regulations, data and tools, allocators have a unique opportunity to consider a much broader spectrum of value drivers as they position themselves for a shift from an extractive economic model to a regenerative one. Our edge lies in extrapolating the bottom-up implications of this shift into innovative top-down strategies.

We support:

  • Investment policy design and corporate strategy 
  • Outsourced Chief Sustainability Investment Officer 
  • Macro analysis of systemic ESG integration
  • Investment advisory
  • Fund research and due diligence
  • Adaptation of strategic asset allocation to dual materiality priorities
  • Designing innovative investment strategies, partnerships and seeding
  • Fund manager engagement and strategy adaptation for GP stakes

Asset Managers

We support Asset Managers across alternative investment strategies in their sustainable investing adaptation. Our expertise across the investment value chain enables us to tailor the appropriate sustainable investing approach to the unique investment DNA behind each strategy.

We support:

  • Investment policy design and strategic resource allocations
  • Macro research on implications of global ESG trends
  • Process adaptation to dual materiality priorities
  • Designing innovative investment strategies, partnerships and moats
  • Client analytics guiding product positioning and distribution strategy

Technology and Service Providers:

We partner with innovative technologies and service providers supporting the transition to stakeholder capitalism. We focus on scaling Measurement, Reporting and Validation (MRV) innovations equipping investors across the value chain with a coloured lens. Leveraging our insights into the evolution of the regulatory, investment and digital landscape we advise solutions in:

  • Wealthtech and integrated risk solutions
  • Carbon and nature based asset infrastructure
  • Web3 enabled regenerative finance (ReFi) enablers
Our partners
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